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Order history and favorites


Make reorders fast and easy for your B2B buyers by equipping your customers with their previous orders and a list of frequently ordered items, allowing them to dramatically reduce the time it takes to submit an order.

Your B2B customers that log into Handshake Direct can quickly access their past orders, select the order in question, and “Duplicate Order.” In a matter of minutes, they make any necessary changes, confirm the order, and they're done!

In addition to accessing and duplicating past orders, your B2B buyers can also browse a list of the products they order most from you to conveniently add their favorite items to their cart.  They can also use list of favorite products as a way to look for additional products in the same or related categories to add to their order.

In the end, Handshake's order history access and favorites list make it easier for your B2B customers to find and order the products they love.