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Update customer and product info


The Handshake website is not only the hub where you’ll receive and manage sales orders from the field; it's a central place for you to update your master customer list and product catalog.

With Handshake, you no longer need to waste valuable time communicating customer and product updates to your reps via phone, email, or costly printed materials.

Simply make any changes to your customer records or product information online at the Handshake website and they’ll immediately sync out to your team. Your sales reps will sell with more confidence and accuracy knowing they always have the most up-to-date information.

You can upload and update your customer or product info in a few ways:

For one-off updates – like changing a customer contact address, changing a price or uploading a new product image – log in to the website, click on the Customers or Products tab, and edit the customer or item.

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For bigger uploads or updates, use our bulk import option to upload your customers or products using an Excel spreadsheet. Handshake supports a range of formats, so you can use your current price list or order form, or an export from your accounting system. Most people take user our bulk import option when first setting up their Handshake accounts.

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