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Customer activity tracking


Every day your sales reps are in the field not only writing orders, but also gathering important details about their customers, so they can build better relationships and increase sales.

Customer notes provide a log of your sales reps’ activities. During each customer visit, sales reps rapidly document and share information about their meeting.

For instance, they can note the customer’s new category strategy, capture changes to competitive positioning, or track in-store merchandising execution.

Prior to seeing the customer again, sales reps can easily search the contents of the notes to review their past discussions.

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Handshake consolidates customer notes and order history into a single solution that provides a complete record of your accounts at all times.

Sales reps use this knowledge to increase customer engagement by tailoring future discussions to the objectives of the buyer. If any issues arose during previous account calls, sales reps can track and resolve them before the next meeting.

As a result, your sales reps are prepared for every conversation. By quickly identifying the ideal set of products and messages for each customer, sales reps can boost performance and build lasting customer partnerships.

In addition, this level of transparency makes it simple for your sales management to:

  • Transition accounts to new reps without missing a beat 
  • Understand how sales reps interact with customers
  • Deliver immediate feedback to improve the sales process and enhance effectiveness