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Guided selling


Improving sales effectiveness starts with a clear understanding of your customer.

Handshake gives your sales reps on the road consistent access to critical customer performance data, so they have the business intelligence to make great decisions every day.

Customer reports provide easily accessible real-time customer sales data that are configured to compare current performance versus historical periods. These reports are easily sortable, so sales reps can find information and take action fast.

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With this information at their fingertips your sales reps can achieve their goals and deliver outstanding customer service by rapidly:

  • Prioritizing conversations with customers that have large order volume gaps
  • Identifying key performance drivers by account that can be immediately addressed
  • Developing insightful ordering recommendations for strategic customer conversations

Two report types are included as part of customer reports: customer list view and customer detail view. The customer list view allows sales reps to compare all of their accounts at a glance. The customer detail view lets sales reps see what product categories or brands are having the greatest impact on customer performance.

Every business and industry tracks performance differently. To ensure your sales reps get the valuable information they need, these simple to understand reports can be configured to meet your unique business case.