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The user experience of your B2B eCommerce website is often determined by the quality of your search experience. Handshake’s B2B eCommerce site search is simple, intuitive and similar to popular B2C eCommerce interfaces, making it easy for even your least tech-savvy customer to place orders with no training.

Handshake offers sophisticated and intuitive search which makes it easy for customers to find what they are looking for fast:

  • Convenient type-ahead and auto-complete functionality makes it fast for buyers to build search queries
  • See search results as you type so buyers can see relevant results without hitting enter
  • Lightning fast indexing of your product catalog so results are returned instantly
  • Search by product name, SKU, UPC and more
  • Typo-tolerance ensures products can be found even with errors in the search term
  • Custom support for boosting / burying particular product results and tweaking the search results algorithm is available

Display results in the order you prefer, based on:

  • Your customer's most recent ordered items
  • Your customer’s recent search history
  • Your top-selling items

Auto-complete/type ahead functionality: with Handshake, your B2B customers will utilize a familiar eCommerce search bar to search your catalog by SKU, product name, or product attributes like color, size, and more. Once your buyers input text in the search bar, results will automatically populate for their convenience.

Typo-tolerance: our search also catch typos or associated words, so you can rest assured that your buyers will find what they’re looking for. In the example below, even though the buyer misspells the word “chicken,” the desired search results still display.

As a supplier, you have the flexibility to set up Handshake’s search features to display results in the order you prefer, whether it be based on:

  • Your customer's order history
  • Your customer’s search history
  • Your top-selling items
  • Products on current promotion

With Handshake’s B2B eCommerce search features, you have control over the way you present your catalog and can get more of your products in front of your B2B buyers.