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Catalog browsing


With the Handshake business-to-business eCommerce platform, your catalog will finally be visible to your customers without having to mail it or wait for your reps to walk through it in person. Gone are the days of paper catalogs that can't include customer-specific data and are outdated before they even go off to print.

Your online catalog of your products will always be up to date, and is designed specifically for each of your buyers, allowing you to show them only the products and pricing that are relevant to them.

It's easy to keep your catalog up to date with your latest items, including high res images, multiple view options, and customizable product descriptions. You can provide your buyers with inventory information for each of your items so they know what's in or out-of-stock. Most importantly, they’ll always have their correct customer-specific pricing.

With Handshake Direct's catalog, you can also group your items by the categories of your choice for a more efficient browsing experience. This way, you can keep your customers focused on the merchandise you know they're most interested in.

And with Handshake Direct’s search function, your customers can simply type in the name, SKU or other defined attribute of any product to quickly jump to exactly what they’re looking for.

The Handshake Direct catalog browsing experience gives your customers multiple options to find what they're looking for, the modern experience they expect in B2B.