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Inventory availability


An ideal buyer experience in B2B entails your customers submitting an order that expect to be accurate and timely. Less ideal but unfortunately still frequent, they'll often get a phone call or email from your team notifying them that certain products they've ordered are out-of-stock. Worse yet, they may become frustrated when they receive an incomplete order.

The best way to achieve more accurate orders (and happier customers) is by providing inventory availability and restock date information on products to your customers as they are placing orders through your B2B eCommerce portal. Luckily, you can do this with Handshake Direct.

B2B buyers that have access to inventory data can find and purchase alternative products that are immediately available. They can of course also choose to order out-of-stock items, but in this scenario, they are actively aware which minimizes frustration. Best yet, if you've listed a restock date for a backordered item, their expectations have been fully manage.