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Once your rep has left their sales meeting or your trade show season has ended, it can be challenging to keep your brand front and center in the minds of your B2B customers.

Deploying the Handshake Direct gives your marketing team a B2B sales and marketing platform designed to showcase your brand year round. They can send emails to retailers that direct them to specific landing pages within your B2B portal promoting your latest product line or providing online only offers.

You can also message these promotions for immediate conversion online by using customizable messaging blocks. This gives your team the opportunity to provide relevant content and direction to your retailers throughout their user experience.

For instance, on the homepage you may want to promote a closeout sale on last season’s items or on the checkout page remind retailers to check their past order history to see if they have missed anything they may want to get. With Handshake Direct we make it easy to communicate with your retailers even if your sales reps can’t be present.

In addition, you can maintain a collateral library for retailers to easily download. This gives you the opportunity to have your retailers further engage with and learn about your brand without ever leaving the site.

Provide a PDF of your latest catalog, promotional videos that generate excitement for this season’s line, or other content that highlight specific brand attributes that are particularly important to your retailers. Plus, you can provide educational materials, such as training videos, or merchandising guidelines and suggestions.

Your B2B portal should be your brand’s home for retailers. Handshake helps you design it, so you get the greatest sales and branding impact for those times between customer visits.