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Your customers are busy managing the day-to-day operations of their business. They don’t have time to wait on hold with your customer service team to reorder products and get answers to their basic account questions.

Handshake Direct helps you stand out by providing your buyers with 24x7 online service, so they can make purchases, educate themselves about your products and brand, and check basic account details like order status just like they do as online consumers.

When your customers log in to Handshake Direct, the experience will be completely personalized. They'll see a curated catalog with the pricing, promotions and selling rules specifically apply to them. that The catalog includes rich product information, including multiple HD images per product, ample room for descriptions, and inventory data. Your buyers will be able to easily browse and search the catalog, add and remove products from their shopping cart, and conveniently access and duplicate their past orders. And because their shipping and payment details will be saved in their account, the checkout process is a breeze.

After ordering, your buyers will immediately receive their order confirmation email customized with your logos and contact information. A copy of the order will also appear on Handshake Hub, your account's admin website, so that your back office staff can review, process and ship an order as soon as it's written.

This straightforward, familiar approach to eCommerce is easy for your customers to use without even needing to be trained. What's more, you'll increase customer loyalty once you give your customers such an easy way to place orders from you.