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Split orders


Your next season depends on locking-in pre-bookings that stage the delivery of orders across the period. Accelerate your preseason selling and better serve your customers with batch orders.

Batch orders allow you to efficiently handle pre-bookings by creating a series of individual orders with phased shipping dates for each customer.

As a seasonal seller you can now focus solely on educating your customer and positioning your new products during preseason conversations. When it's time to finalize the pre-booking you start an order in Handshake and then create multiple orders simply by pressing 'Split Order' from the options tab.

Once the orders have been split, you can quickly edit the ship date, add products and quantities, and apply discounts for each order.

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Increasing the efficiency of sales reps during preseason selling helps to secure early commitments, improve production forecasts, and increase total order sizes.

And if you have customers that ship orders to multiple locations, you can use batch orders to speed the writing of those orders too, following the same process as multiple ship dates.