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Manage inventory data


Upload and manage your inventory data so your reps can view accurate stock levels and restock dates for each of your products in the Handshake app. By importing inventory updates into Handshake, you can also provide your customers with access to the same information when ordering through the Handshake Direct B2B eCommerce portal.

Access to accurate stock level and restock information helps reps confidently sell stock down to zero, keep selling popular products that will be in-stock shortly, and seamlessly shift to items with more availability.

In addition, your customers using Handshake Direct can make smart purchasing decisions and improve planning with the full knowledge of when to expect delivery of the products they need. Increasing their willingness to purchase immediately.

You can upload and manage your inventory data in two ways.

b2b ecommerce platform wholesale inventory

One option is using our bulk import tool, which allows you to upload a CSV of inventory numbers and restock dates associated with each of your products. This upload will update all your stock levels for immediate sync to your sales team.

The other (and most precise) way to manage your inventory data is using the Handshake API , providing a direct connection with your ERP software to give your reps real-time inventory and replenishment data.

With updated inventory levels and restock dates you increase sales and improve customer satisfaction by reducing the number of backorders and order cancellations.