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Handshake API


Tap into the Handshake API for direct access between the Handshake B2B eCommerce platform and your ERP so that your orders, customers, and products are always in sync. The Handshake API exposes all Handshake objects, giving you extensive integration flexibility.

And with direct API access to inventory availability display, you’ll get real-time stock data so your reps can sell confidently and accurately, meaning fewer out-of-stock sales, faster order fulfillment, and happier customers.

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Handshake provides a robust, secure, modern RESTful web services API, allowing you to easily automate data transfers to third-party systems. Our platform is built on the principle that you own your data and we strive to make accessing that data easy, reliable, and performant.

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The Handshake API is built by programmers, for programmers, and provides full read (GET) and write (POST, PUT, DELETE, PATCH) access to all of our core datatypes, giving you full flexibility to implement whatever integration makes most sense for your business.

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The Handshake API operates exclusively over HTTPS, providing SSLv3-backed security around the transfer of your most sensitive data.