With humble beginnings as an independent pet retailer, Pet Food Experts has grown into a premier distributor of pet products in the U.S.


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Pawtucket, RI

In order to take advantage of these growing expectations we were seeing in B2B, we needed to provide a reliable, user-friendly tool that would allow us to promote more self-service buying.

Alex Silva de Balboa
Senior Strategy & Technology Consultant
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Winning with a Smart Mobile Ordering Strategy

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Providing a win-win solution that helps retailers succeed with a forward thinking plan to implement mobile ordering and become a preferred supplier.


Just a few months after launching a customer engagement strategy, Pet Food Experts achieved their goal of having 10% of their revenue coming through Handshake.

Pet Food Experts’ new eCommerce app has made ordering quicker and easier for their customers.

Since Pet Food Experts launched Handshake, they’ve seen customers choose them as their preferred supplier, due to ease of mobile ordering.



Pet Food Experts is an independently owned and operated pet food and supplies distributor delivering over 130 brands to independent pet retailers across twenty-nine states. As a company that works exclusively with independent pet stores, Pet Food Experts’ motto of “When we win, you win” directly reflects their deep commitment to helping their retailers succeed. Motivated by this sentiment, they embarked on a strategic initiative in 2016 to make their customers’ frequent reordering process as quick and simple as possible.

Pet Food Experts was the first in their industry to offer a strong mobile ordering solution, implementing Handshake Direct Mobile, a user-friendly, native mobile commerce application to allow their customers to place orders anytime, anywhere, from the devices they were already using every day. The company knew that in order to drive real success with their mobile ordering strategy and provide the familiar conveniences of B2C buying, it was important for their buyers to be able to place orders on familiar and ubiquitous devices like the iPhone and iPad. After vetting several solutions, they chose Handshake, confident that their buyers would love the straightforward, user-friendly buying interface.


Well-aware that the majority of their buyers were not early adopters of new technology, the Pet Food Experts team knew it would take some effort to drive adoption of their new mobile ordering solution. With this in mind, Pet Food Experts partnered with the Handshake team to roll out a sophisticated engagement strategy, creating a comprehensive plan that involved stakeholders across sales, marketing, and IT. This strategy included an ambassador program, weekly check-ins, marketing campaigns, customer testimonials, incentives, a support hotline, and monthly sales presentations.


Just months after their engagement strategy began in full-swing, Pet Food Experts achieved their goal of having 10% of their revenue coming through Handshake. In addition to the positive growth in revenue and engagement, it turns out that the ease of use of the Handshake app is also critical to customer experience and customer retention. According to Marc Pesce, Data Analytics Manager, “Our customers using Handshake Direct Mobile absolutely love it. It’s so easy to use.” Before Pet Food experts had a mobile eCommerce app, the company was losing customers to competitors with mobile ordering tools. After adopting Handshake Direct Mobile, however, Pet Food Experts has actually won business from competitors.

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