How a Sales Rep App Can Help Your Team Sell More Effectively

Monica Orrigo
April 2, 2019

Field sales has always been challenging. Sales reps are on the road constantly, visiting customers, merchandising products, and managing their work from their cars and hotel rooms. They must balance flexibility and productivity, while setting their own schedules each day and staying focused on meeting tough sales goals.

Today, however, many of the biggest headaches that this mobile workforce once faced are disappearing with the help of a sales rep app. Increasingly, sales reps are no longer searching for fax machines in dated hotel business centers. They no longer have to carry heavy samples, catalogs, and paper order forms into meetings. And they don’t have to return from a long day on the road to re-enter orders from paper forms into their computers.

So what’s changed? Sales rep app technology is now enabling sales reps and other members of the mobile workforce to be productive on the go. Employees are no longer tethered to a desk or confined to their offices. They can work effectively, remotely. Let’s take a look at how a sales rep app in particular can not only help field reps sell products more easily to retailers, but also more effectively.

How a Sales Rep App Can Help Your Team Sell More Effectively


One of the biggest challenges to working on the go is information access—getting access to information like pricing, customer order history, and inventory levels while on the road. Today, however, a sales rep app puts that information directly in the hands of reps. Instead of having to call the back office to check or confirm numbers, things like customer-specific pricing and inventory levels for each item are stored in the sales the app and available even when offline.

Handshake customer example: Leading music and pro audio brand Peavey uses Handshake's sales rep app to communicate actionable information to help their sales reps improve the in-person sales experience with their dealers.


Another advantage of a sales rep app is that reps no longer need to transport cumbersome product samples, fabric swatches, and catalogs, to each and every store visit. Instead, high resolution product images are organized into an easily navigable digital catalog. These images can be zoomed in on for detail, and retailers can get a comprehensive sense of the entire line, directly from the sales rep app.

Handshake customer example: Walman Optical, the largest independent optical wholesaler in the U.S., has replaced the large sample bags of frames that sales reps used to lug from practice to practice with a lightweight, visual sales rep app that hosts their entire digital catalog.


Too many mobile sales reps are still using old-fashioned paper order forms, or other manual methods of order writing (like fillable PDFs and Excel spreadsheets). Instead, a sales rep app allow reps to write orders as they are browsing their digital catalog. As already mentioned, customer contact and pricing information are stored within the sales rep app, so that reps can build an order in just a few taps.

Handshake customer example: With Handshake, the stationery brand Emily McDowell Studio has fully replaced their paper order forms with our sales rep app at trade shows, which has led to more accurate orders being placed without the need to re-enter handwritten orders into their Quickbooks accounting system.


A sales rep app that can be integrated with back office systems can save reps an enormous amount of time. Where reps were once obligated to re-enter every order they’d written into an ERP or accounting system, orders placed on a sales rep app are simply synced with those systems once reconnected to the internet. The back office team can then receive it immediately and begin the fulfillment process.

Handshake customer example: Our custom integration between NetSuite and our sales rep app allows fragrance manufacturer Tru Fragrance to reduce their data entry man hours by 50%.

It has never been a more exciting time for sales reps on the go. Sales rep apps are enabling them to work faster and more strategically, replacing the tedium of order taking with more strategic value.

If you believe a sales rep app would help your team sell more effectively, reach out to us today and schedule a demo of our software to learn more.