5 Ways Order Entry Software Will Impact Your Operations

Max Bailey
October 22, 2018

Every operational decision a company makes has its consequences. In fact, seemingly small operational decisions sometimes have far reaching consequences that affect multiple aspects of a business—and not always in a good way.

Some consequences, however, result from indecision. For instance, many B2B suppliers with field sales reps have decided not to implement order entry software, for fear of disrupting the status quo and not receiving returns on their investment. As a consequence, sales reps are locked into inefficient processes that serve as roadblocks to revenue and lead to unnecessary costs.

On the other hand, B2B suppliers that equip their sales reps with mobile SaaS (software as a service) order entry software impact their operations in a number of positive revenue-building and cost-slashing ways. For this blog post, let’s focus on five of the most impactful results of implementing order entry software that real companies have experienced.

5 Ways Order Entry Software Will Impact Your Operations


    Order entry software makes the job of a B2B salesperson exponentially easier. The ability to place orders instantaneously, with just a few taps on a mobile device, gives them precious time back. Consider this :if each of your reps can visit one more customer per day, resulting in five more orders per week, per rep, how would that affect your bottom line?

    Ceramo, a leading U.S. importer of homegoods, uses Handshake’s order entry software to help their reps visit more customers each day. As a result, reps are able to consistently handle an influx of 20-30% more order than they could through manual order entry.


    How much does it cost your company to replace an order that was mis-shipped due to incorrect manual order entry? Order entry software greatly reduces, or eliminates, the amount of mistakes that are accidentally processed, which can lead to a significant cost savings when you do the math.

    Kitsch, an LA-based fashion company, does a significant amount of their business at 12-16 trade shows every year. Due to the busy nature of these shows, reps would often inundate the back office with 100-200 handwritten orders, often riddled with errors, all at once. The costs of employing data entry staff to submit these orders while checking for errors, as well as process the many returns from mistakes that weren’t caught, have been eliminated since implementing Handshake’s  order entry software.


    In the world of manual order entry, it’s impossible to escape the time delay between when an order is placed and when it is submitted. Sometimes this delay can take 1-3 days, depending on how quickly reps can key in orders back at the office. From your customer’s perspective, that’s 1-3 days longer than they’d like to wait to get your products on their shelves. With order entry software, order transmission happens instantly and products ship that much faster as a result.

    Nuun, for example, uses Handshake’s order entry software and directly links it to their ERP, Netsuite. With this streamlined connection between sales reps and their back office, Nuun is able to continue offering their buyers exceptional customer service—orders that used to ship in under 24 hours, now ship within 10 minutes.


    SaaS order entry software is specifically designed to work hand-in-hand with virtually any business software across a variety of functions. The handful of software integrations encompass ERP, CRM, inventory management, payments and shipping applications, among many others. Order entry software automatically syncs with these programs, alleviating the data entry manual burden of your sales reps and back office staff.

    Like many other small to medium-sized businesses, Sugar Paper uses Quickbooks to handle their accounting. Every order they place through Handshake’s order entry software, whether at a trade show, in the back office, or in the field, is automatically synced to their Quickbooks accounting system.


    Lastly, order entry software enables managers, as well as employees across your organization, to make better operational decisions. Sales reps are able to use customer order history to streamline reordering and optimize upselling. Managers can more accurately predict their sales, making it easier for warehouse and production managers to maintain proper inventory levels. Customer service reps can confidently speak to buyers about products, inventory levels and customer-specific information. The implications of these enhancements are enormous.

    Stationery manufacturer 9th Letter Press has seen similar decision-making improvements with order entry software. Increased access to sales, customer and product data make it possible for the company to identify trends and make key product decisions, such as which products to increase production on, discontinue, or revamp.

Whether your goals are to increase revenue, cut costs, or a combination of both, switching from a cumbersome manual ordering process to order entry software is a no brainer.

Not all order entry software is created equal, however. For example, Custom-built ERP solutions can be clunky, inflexible and become quickly outdated. It’s much safer and affordable to implement software that will grow with your business needs, and the needs of the industry in general.

That’s why all of the companies mentioned in this article entrust Handshake Rep, our SaaS order entry software, as their mobile order writing solution. And, you can too!

If you’d like to speak with a Handshake specialist about whether implementing order entry software is the right move for your business, send us a message today at hello@handshake.com.