Mobile Order Entry App Technology & 4 Companies Winning the Trade Show Game

Max Bailey
October 29, 2018

During busy trade shows, exhibitors must keep their priorities straight if they hope to get the most out of their limited time and resources. Regardless of industry, there are two major objectives that are front-of-mind for any trade show exhibitor—getting precious face time with potential and existing customers, and writing as many orders as possible. The advent of the mobile order entry app has made these two trade show goals much easier to achieve.

Trade shows are an opportune time to strengthen a sales rep’s working relationships. These interactions are quick and often interrupted, so sales reps working trade show booths need to be on their toes, especially when an opportunity to sell presents itself.

Without a modern mobile order entry app, switching gears quickly to capture every sales opportunity can be difficult. Order capture at fast-paced trade shows is much easier on a simple mobile touch-screen interface, as opposed to painfully slow manual order entry with paper and pen.

4 Companies Winning the Trade Show Game With a Mobile Order Entry App

Many companies are finding that a mobile order entry app enables their reps to make the best use of their time at trade shows. A mobile order entry app gives reps the ability to place more orders faster than ever before without having to compromise their ability to network with prospects and industry contacts.

In addition to accomplishing these two main goals, companies are experiencing several peripheral results from the implementation of a mobile order entry app. Here are four of our favorite Handshake examples:


    Emily McDowell Studio is a trade show veteran. With over 60 independent reps selling their popular brand of stationery products at various trade shows, they don’t any time to waste. With this in mind, Emily McDowell Studio sought to replace their paper order forms, and subsequent QuickBooks order entry process, with Handshake’s mobile order entry app, Handshake Rep.

    With Handshake Rep, order entry at trade shows is now quick and easy for the brand, with all orders automatically synced to their QuickBooks system. Since reps are more efficient, they can focus more time building relationships with trade show attendees. Most importantly, prospective buyers can become familiar with their entire product line through a robust digital catalog on their mobile order entry app, whether they have access to WiFi or not.


    Global hardware industry leader Milwaukee Tool needed a mobile order entry app for their reps to maximize their ability to handle hundreds of trade show orders at a time. It was also crucial that their solution be able to handle a complex promotion-based pricing structure.

    With Handshake Rep as their mobile order entry app, Milwaukee Tool eased the burden of their reps at trade shows, as well as back office staff who no longer needed to key in manually written orders. Handshake’s in-app search functionality also comes in handy for looking up products quickly during fast-moving trade show events.


    Dublin Gift Company, an Irish gift distributor out of New Jersey, also uses Handshake’s mobile order entry app to realize process improvements at the trade shows they exhibit at. Most notably, Handshake Rep has allowed the company to drastically reduce the time it takes for trade show orders to ship.

    Before Handshake, Dublin Gift Company wrote orders on carbon paper at trade shows for over 1500 products. Orders then had to be entered into their accounting system—assuming SKU numbers were written correctly and legibly. For particularly long trade shows, this process slowed down order processing and delayed shipment by 8-9 days.

    Now, with orders instantly processed on their mobile order entry app, trade show orders are shipped within 24 hours—with much fewer errors slipping through the cracks. And, when shipping speeds increase, cash flow increases as well.


    British textile manufacturer Liberty Art Fabrics is another great example of a company that stood much to gain from implementing mobile order entry at trade shows. Liberty exhibits at up to 20 busy trade shows per year, so they need to be able to move quickly to capture as many orders as possible.

    Handshake Rep saves Liberty reps so much time that they are able to process significantly more orders at trade shows. After equipping their sales team with a mobile order entry app, Liberty increased sales by 47% at their biggest trade show of the year.

Mobile Order Entry App: The No Trade-Off Option

Companies that introduce mobile order entry apps to their trade show reps experience the best of both worlds—processing more orders without compromising other strategic goals. A mobile order entry app simplifies the order capture process, making reps more productive at trade shows and, ultimately, more effective.

Beyond processing more orders and increasing face-time at trade shows, a mobile order entry app helps exhibitors sell smarter—with quick access to a digital catalog, customer-specific pricing and promos, and inventory availability—while increasing customer satisfaction with faster order processing and shipping.

We’ve barely scratched the surface here! Check out last week’s blog post about the operational impacts some our other customers have experienced after implementing an order entry system.

Serious business happens on the trade show floor, so you need a mobile order entry app that can keep up. Schedule a 10-minute call with a Handshake representative anytime to discuss how our solution can help your reps be more effective at your next trade show.